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Audio Mastering


ELPD Mastering is an Online Mastering Service and Mastering Studio which provides Music and Audio Online Mastering. We strive to create a final mastered product that meets or exceeds the artists expectations!

We work with professional equipment in both the Analog and Digital domains to take advantage of the best of both worlds. The tone and warmth of Analog processing as well as the advantages of Digital Processing.


It doesn't matter if you record in a commercial studio or at home using tools like Cubase, ProTools, Acid, Sonar or GarageBand - we guarantee your music will sound its best. Our trained ears and 20 years of experience in the Entertainment Buisness can make all the difference.

Mastering your audio recording is a very important step that you should consider before you manufacture or release it to the public. Many people overlook this step simply because they are not familiar with what mastering is. Mastering is simply the process of preparing and transferring all of your audio sources to one final source by which all the replicated copies will be produced.


Friendly technical advice is always free. Before we master your music, we'll make sure your original mixes are up to the task. If we find any problems or glitches that require a remix, we'll give you a detailed analysis of the problem and suggestions for fixing it - no charge. each and every song is carefully evaluated on its own artistic merits and mastered accordingly...

When you order mastering from ELPD Mastering YOU can choose the way we master your song, or you can let us choose for you.


 Uncompressed file formats only. WAV or AIFF. NO mp3, AAC, ect.

Please try to have all of your mixes at a peak of -3dB in your DAW before exporting. Mastering can NOT fix any distortion due to clipping that happens in the mix. 

This is probably the most important part of preparing for mastering.

This also applies to compressing and or limiting your final output. Please remove all heavy compression or limiting on your final output (on individual tracks is OK) before bouncing your final files. Slight compression or EQ is OK on your final mix as of course as its great to add some coloring you want.

 High Quality Files

Be prepared to send the highest quality uncompressed file possible. This will be the sample rate and bit rate that you recording the whole session/song in. For example, if you recorded everything in 192kHz, 32bit please bounce your final mixes at that resolution. Even if we aren’t doing a SACD master, the higher quality that your mastering engineer starts with the better.

Customer Service

We believe that Customer Service comes first. Professional and Helpful. Need an opinion on a mix? Rush Job? A radio edit? Let us know.